Services & Rates 


Corporate Wellness Programs Fun’n Fit’s Wellness Program offers a wide variety of exercise and strength training classes, weight management workshops, seminars and much more. Our goal is to provide ongoing fitness support to America’s business men/woman. All businesses, no matter what their size, can benefit from workplace wellness initiatives. For more information and to request a Corporate Wellness Proposal, click here.

Personal Training One on one or group Personal Training will help you stay on track with consistency, precision and accountability. Trainer provides all of the above as well as a wide variety of up to date techniques and exercises to keep you motivated while you have fun. Your disciplined regimen will enable you to achieve your fitness goals with satisfying results.

Exercise Equipment Orientation This service provides an in depth orientation of new fitness equipment purchases. You will learn how to use your new fitness equipment effectively and safely in order to maximize from your work out as well as your purchase.

 Wellness Consultation  A Wellness Consultation will address your daily activities and lifestyle habits to determine where you need to make modifications in order to lead a healthier life. Counseling can be provided to help you make changes and influence your personal holistic health. In turn, health enhancement is the end result.

 Fitness Appraisal The Fitness Appraisal (a.k.a. Fitness Evaluation or Fitness Assessment) consists of a resting heart rate, a body fat composition and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. Your results will be explained to you in detail so that you are aware of your health profile.

 Pilates “Matwork” The Pilates Method is a series of structured exercises that works the deeper muscles to achieve efficient and graceful movement, improve alignment and breathing, and increase body awareness. This unique workout delivers simultaneous stretching and strengthening in a non-impact balance of body and mind exercise.

 Aerobics Type of classes available: Hi-Low, Step (providing steps are available), Boot Camp, Step ‘n Sculpt, Circuit Training, Jogging groups and Interval Training.

Nutritional and Wellness Consultations

 This consultation evaluates your nutritional intake, physical activity and holistic wellness in order to assist in the implementation of healthy habits for optimal health. This type of counseling and coaching will directly improve your life by helping you set realistic actions plans for short and long term lifestyle changes.

 Fun ‘n Fit Kids

This class is for both the little kids (ages 2 to10) and their parent(s)/caretakers. Together, they exercise to fun music, exploring different types of basic movements that encourage physical creativity, balance, flexibility & coordination. A great way to nurture your child’s overall health!


Outdoor Fitness Excursions Fitness isn’t limited to the home or gym. Burn calories while having fun in the great outdoors. All excursions take place at Moraine State Park. Types of fitness excursions available:


  • hiking

  • kayaking

  • biking

  • trail jogging


 Hourly Rates 

1 session: $85 per session 

5 sessions: $82 per session - ($410)

10 sessions: $80 per session - ($800)

15 sessions: $75 per session - *($1,125)

20 sessions: $70 per session – *($1,400)
* Payment plans available.


*Gas fee may apply if distance is greater than 25 miles and/or if gas prices are greater than $4 per gallon.
**10% Discount applies for repeat customers purchasing a renewal of sessions of greater value.