My name is Nathalie Kuffer. I am an internationally experienced Fitness Professional, Mom, and Wife. I know what I’m good at: It’s my ability to motivate, educate and help people exercise when they don’t want to. I am an energetic and positive person who likes accomplishments, goal setting, and kindness. My hobbies are running, snowboarding, bike riding, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends (preferably outdoors.)

 I was born and raised in Toronto (Canada) to French Canadian parents. I went to the University of Ottawa and majored in both Sociology and Leisure Studies. Post-graduation, I pursued my life long dream of traveling. Right after graduating University, I went to Tokyo ( Japan) to teach English and to learn the ancient form of massage therapy (called Shiatsu). I continued on to Northern Thailand to expand my knowledge of health and wellness, and studied Thai massage. Soon thereafter, I went to Byron Bay (Australia) to continue exploring a variety of holistic health practices.

 In 1996 I was employed with Club Med and began 4 consecutive 6 month contracts which led me to work in Cancun (Mexico), San Salvador (Bahamas) then on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean seas.

 Upon my return home to Canada, I decided to continue my education in the field of Health and Fitness. I became Can-Fit-Pro Certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) and Pilates Matwork Instructor. A few years later, I added the certification of Nutritional & Wellness Specialist (NWS).

 In early 1998, while living in Toronto, I founded the company Fun ‘n Fit. The Mission Statement for my business was to “Create an environment which encourages and facilitates regular physical activity into daily routines by providing a variety of mobile and online fitness services to people of all ages and fitness levels in order to foster a healthier lifestyle”.

 By mid 1999, I was recruited by a non-profit organization called “Le Regroupement de Jeunes Filles Francophones de Toronto” (which translates to ‘The Consolidation of Young French Girls of Toronto’). This non-profit group was funded by the Canadian Government and the Canadian Women’s Health Network. This project involved being in a 6 month business management and entrepreneurial leadership course at Le College des Grands Lacs (Toronto’s only French College). The second half of the project involved a 2 month implementation period in Douala (Cameroon -Western Africa) where I lead physical education classes to school children, instructed local Personal Trainers new fitness techniques as well as conduct Health Consultations and Wellness Seminars in rural villages.

Upon my return to Toronto in late 1999, I quickly packed up again and moved to beautiful Bermuda where I accepted a job at a leading fitness center. I had intended to stay indefinitely.

 A few months later, I met a nice American man vacationing in Bermuda. A few weeks later, Luke and I eloped, I got deported and I actually became what the U.S. Customs like to call ”an illegal alien”. When I eventually legally entered this fabulous country, we lived in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. 12 years later, we now call Ellwood City,PA home and we are blessed with two awesome kids, Chloe (13) and Max (11).

I now work part time at Eaton Corporation as a Fitness Professional and I also train clients at home. I also teach fitness classes at local fitness centers, churches, and parks and conduct group fitness classes geared to men, women and kids in our lovely community.


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