Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program to your establishment is a win-win solution for both Employers and Employees. In fact, a study published in 2014 by the Center for Disease Control determined that Workplace Health Programs aimed at keeping employees healthy is a key long-term human asset management strategy.

Benefits for Employees

• Weight loss
• Improved physical fitness, and mental sharpness
• Increased stamina, and better energy
• Lower levels of stress
• Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem
• Decrease in stress and anxiety
• Better productivity and focus

Benefits for Employers

• Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
• Reduced healthcare costs
• Decreased rates of illness, injuries and absenteeism
• Improved employee relations, morale and environment
• Increased productivity and job satisfaction
• Creates a supportive company culture

Both Employer and Employee will see benefits by:

• Providing access to tools that help manage holistic self-care
• Having access to resources which help with lifestyle management
• Supplying a variety of proactive health and wellness resources which cater to bettering physical needs
• Enabling better employer-employee relations
• Seeing a decrease in staff turn over
• Creating healthy challenges with incentives to improve

Fun 'n Fit's goal for your company is to implement a custom and progressive Workplace Wellness Program that benefits your workforce in a personal, physical, mental and holistic matter.


Let's face it, we all want to look great, feel great, and improve the quality of our lives. However, getting and staying in shape is easier said than done. It requires time, motivation, dedication and know-how. With the right fitness trainer, your health and fitness goals are statistically more achievable.
The idea is to make life a little easier for you. You work out where you want, when you want. And all the necessary fitness equipment is provided.

Mobile fitness sessions and programs are offered in a variety of settings. Such settings include (but are not limited to):

• Homes
• Offices
• Churches
• Schools
• Nursing homes/Senior Centers
• Community Centers